The future of WRK

Rethink employee compensation using in-app automatic daily rewards
blockWRK helps businesses balance management goals with employee pay structure using real-time incentivization. Employees can earn automatic rewards that are immediately spendable using the blockWRK employee Visa card.

With blockWRK, employers can truly pay for performance.

WRK token

The native currency of the blockWRK platform is WRK, one of the world's first federally approved cryptocurrencies issued under our 2019 license from the Bermuda Minister of Finance. New WRK tokens are only distributed based on business-side demand, with a 165mm maximum monthly distribution and an 11.9B fixed total supply, driving business demand into the market and creating a self-perpetuating WRK-powered economy.

iOS/Android App

Giving employees immediate rewards for reaching goals improves retention, engagement and productivity.

blockWRK uses smart contracts to allow employers to automatically reward WRK to workers in real-time, allowing employers to turn ineffective yearly incentives into highly effective daily rewards.

Employees get a blockWRK Visa card to instantly spend their WRK and can also access instant cash advances on their next paycheck with 0% APR, paid in WRK, of course.


With working from home gaining momentum, businesses are paying for half empty offices. blockWRK is partnering with various companies to create a network of WRKspaces where WRK holders will get free access to co-working space for holding/staking WRK.

Soon, businesses can trade empty desks for WRK that they can use to reward to their employees.

Staking dApp

Coming soon!

WRK Staking is a way to earn rewards by holding on to your WRK tokens. By locking your WRK tokens through the blockWRK Staking dApp, you will earn you access to tiered rewards including access to WRKspaces.

Follow us and stay tuned for more details!

A distribution protocol with business-side demand built in

blockWRK’s compensation platform creates a natural supply and demand for WRK: employers buy WRK each month to be automatically distributed to employees via smart contract.
An increasingly decentralized system
Releases 165MM WRK each month
WRK bought and sold on exchange determines in-app price and market value
All business contracts include $10/employee WRK purchase each month to pay rewards
Businesses purchase additional WRK to increase employee rewards
As more businesses join, the monthly distribution pool dissipates
Once the monthly distribution pool is exhausted, businesses must buy WRK on the exchange
Businesses that need WRK in excess of monthly distribution purchase WRK on exchange
WRK cashed out by employees is sold on exchange
As more businesses join the blockWRK platform, WRK becomes increasingly decentralized as businesses compete on open exchanges to fund their rewards systems.

With increased demand and a finite supply, businesses are incentivized to buy and hold WRK for future use to insulate themselves against market price increases.

WRK Tokenomics

WRK is backed by real business use

Each month, contracted companies are required to purchase a certain amount of WRK based on the total number of employees they have using the blockWRK app. blockWRK will only distribute 165MM tokens each month from the distribution pool in order to manage the growth of the network and ensure a 5-year distribution timeline. Once all tokens have been released from the blockWRK supply, employers will only be able to acquire WRK by accepting it as payment or by purchasing in the open market, creating a self-perpetuating fully decentralized system.

WRK is backed by real money and real users

Employers that use blockWRK fund their WRK incentives pool monthly, spending less than they would typically spend for the same ancillary health & wellness benefits (and without the smart contract goal management capabilities). Each month this pool is distributed to employees who can choose to hold their WRK as savings (earning HODL bonuses) or spend it using their blockWRK Visa debit card. Employees can also set a portion of their paycheck to be paid in WRK each pay period. As blockWRK expands, more employee activities can be incentivized by managers using daily WRK goals, converting a larger percentage of total compensation into WRK.

A fully decentralized system

When all tokens have been released, employers will need to independently acquire WRK each month in order to perpetuate their use of the blockWRK platform, making it fully decentralized. As businesses compete to purchase WRK, they are incentivized to buy and hold WRK on their balance sheets, and to accept WRK as payment for whatever goods and services they provide.

Learn more about WRK tokenomics

9,887,996,950 WRK tokens
will be distributed to end users
were allocated to the blockWRK operational reserve pool (promotion and operation)
2,000,000,000 WRK tokens
(for 5 year distribution period)
165 MM WRK per month
A limited amount of WRK: 11,923,616,243.7293 WRK tokens

How the blockWRK ecosystem works

WRK drives a decentralized compensation model where employees are incentivized to achieve daily goals rather than paid to simply show up and sit in a chair
WRK Compensation System
WRK Rewards
Employees receive daily or weekly rewards for RDAs (Revenue-Driving Activities) - goals managed by smart contract.
Employees work toward daily goals tracked on their devices. Data is passed into blockWRK.
Goal Status & Validation
WRK Redeemed
Employees save WRK or can cash out to fiat at current exchange rate. Payments processed immediately with blockWRK's layer 2 technology.
HR sets company-wide goals (like fitness and safety) and individual goals for specific departments or job roles.
Set Goals
Monthly purchase of WRK based on employee headcount – distributed and split each month among employees who have achieved goals.
Fund Reward Pool
Managers can analyze results, adjust goals and optimize their smart contract workforce management system for better results.
Get data about goals
Converts user data to WRK rewards, manages wallets and exchange on layer 2 and processes fiat payments to users
Manages RDA smart contracts, WRK rewards & payment
Employers who use blockWRK agree to purchase and hold a certain quantity of WRK tokens each month to be distributed as rewards to participating employees.



WRK rewards are paid to employees who reach daily and weekly goals.
Employees are encouraged to hold and save their WRK but can instantly cash out for $USD anytime.


WRK finally provides what we’ve all been waiting for: businesses buying, holding, and actually accepting crypto as payment, not just as a marketing gimmick that they immediately liquidate to fiat.

Proof of Concept

Reduce employer costs by incentivizing employees to be safer and healthier
$62 billion
US businesses spend over $62 billion each year on worker's compensation claims from preventable on-the job injuries, the majority of which are were the result of violating existing company safety policies.
$575 Billion
per employee
per year
Productivity losses linked to absenteeism cost employers $225.8 billion annually in the United States, or $1,685 per employee.
U.S. employers lose $575 billion a year in healthcare costs and lost productivity due to worker absence from preventable chronic health conditions.
per year
sick days
$151 billion
$42 billion
short-term disability
$29 billion
long-term disability
$26 billion
family and medical leave
$116 billion
workers compensation
$211 billion
impaired perfomance

The cost of preventable health and safety claims

Employer costs of untreated employee mental health issues
every year
$193 billion
Employer costs to treat preventable conditions like diabetes and heart attacks
every year
$36.4 billion
Employer costs of workers comp and on-the-job injury claims, care and litigation
every year
$171 billion

What is blockWRK for Employees ?

Additional income for staying healthy and safe - and for many - their first intro to crypto

Employees download the blockWRK app because it contains valuable free services provided by their employer as part of their benefits package. The app contains free mental health counseling and orthopedic injury telehealth services, as well as cash advances on their next paychecks with 0% APR (just a single low flat fee), helping employees avoid abusive overdraft fees and paycheck loans to cover unexpected expenses.

Once they’ve got the app, they can opt in to earn WRK for completing daily fitness goals set by their employer and doing in-app daily safety checks to help avoid safety violations on site. They can keep their balance in WRK as savings or they can convert it to US dollars.
hip fractures
by up to 68%
by up to 30%
breast cancer
by 20%
colon cancer
by 30%
type 2 diabetes
by up to 40%
disease by up to 35%
mortality by 30%
by up to 30%
Regular physical activity reduces your risk of

Free mental health counseling and orthopedic injury telemedicine built in

The blockWRK employee app brings together valuable health and wellness services available 24/7 at no cost to employees.
Mental Wellness
blockWRK provides on-demand mental counseling services so that employees get the help they need when they need it.
Injury Checker
blockWRK provides employees 24/7 access to an AI-powered diagnostic tool to help understand an injury and access to a licensed orthopedic specialist in minutes for a telemedicine assessment. From here, employees can get free rehabilitation exercises to do at home, follow-up appointments with doctors or direct referral to orthopedic surgeons or other specialists.

0% APR payroll advances powered by WRK instead of payday loans or NSF fees

Last year Americans paid $12 billion in payday loan fees. Rates for these predatory loans vary by state, but reach over 600% APR in some states like Texas and Nevada and average 391% nationwide. During 2020, when many consumers had lost their incomes due to Covid-19, mainstream banks like Citi, Wells Fargo and Bank of America made $34.6 billion in overdraft fees from their customers.

“We are concerned that too many borrowers slide into the debt traps that payday loans can become.”
Former CFPB Director Richard Cordray
With WRKpay employees can request a portion of their earned wages in advance at 0% APR, paying only a flat $5 fee. The BlockWRK app issues payment in WRK which can be converted in-app to a spendable $USD Visa debit card and used immediately to pay bills, saving over $15,000 annually for those employees who regularly use payday loan services.
0% APR
Wage advance up to $200 is available for every user with just a $5 flat fee - at 0% APR

What is blockWRK for Employers ?

Health, wellness & safety - all in one app

blockWRK brings the best health and wellness capabilities along with effective daily safety check-ins and a unique health incentivization system into a single app. With a single partner, employers can offer new benefits to their employees that were previously only available to large multinational corporations. blockWRK helps employers take care of their employees while reducing costs — and shows employees that they are valued.

A modern tool to manage decentralized workforces and reward employees immediately by smart contract when Revenue Driving Activities are performed

When most workers used to be on an assembly line, management was much easier. Punctuality, time on the clock and number of pieces were the only KPIs that mattered – and they could be tracked easily.

Today’s workforces are increasingly dispersed (accelerated by Covid-19) and much of the value that employees bring are more difficult to quantify, but employers still use industrial-era tools to manage modern workers, leading to low engagement and retention.
As blockWRK grows, employers will be able to customize rewards for a wide variety of small daily behaviors that turn ineffective yearly incentives into highly effective daily goals with real monetary rewards. Employees will always know what activities make the biggest impact on the business because they’ll be rewarded immediately for the things that matter most – for each different job role - on a daily basis.
With aggregated business analytics, managers will be able to understand – perhaps for the first time ever – what specific behaviors drive their business. blockWRK helps employers create new incentive programs that reward employees for work that matters, rather than time spent sitting in a chair.

Stay tuned